20 October 2007

The blog in English

For several reasons I have decided to upload some articles in English. To navigate in this blog, you can choose to view month by month, by clicking on the months on the right hand side.
Currently I´m at home, and have been that for a week, due to a strong flu, but things are getting better.
A small description of what you see here on the blog. I work in Las America, a typical tourist town here on Tenerife. Working and living in this tourist town is difficult, so I bought a house in a small village (350 habitants) just 20 kilometres from Las Americas. Here my time goes with wine making, hunting, walking in the mountains and spending times with my neighbours. The town is situated in the mountains in 700 meters altitude. The town is very traditional, and even that I am a foreigner I do blend in very well with the village. I got my son every second week-end, and he do enjoy the village as well. When his is here, we ride the horses, feed the pigs and sheep’s, walk in the mountains or work with the wine grapes.


Bea said...

Hi Hans!! I could hardly find the correct plece to post this comment as it is all in arabic (Is this a virus...???)

Please do come pass my blog where you can collect a prize I have just given you.


Tank Trouble 2 said...

This blog is interesting

Head Soccer 2 said...

Thanks !